Farewell Kay Bushnell

April 2, 2019

Kay Bushnell died suddenly on March 13th.

Below is the tribute by our Vice President, Sue Hughes, which she prepared for Kay’s farewell in Lawson Park on Friday 29th March 2019.

Good morning, my name is Sue Hughes, a member of Mudgee MudDragons Dragon Boat Club.

Some six years ago, Kay invited Dragon Boat NSW to meet with the Mudgee region community at Club Mudgee to try and establish a dragon boat club here.  The meeting was well supported and a dragon boat club, Mudgee MudDragons formed because of it.  The Club now has two new boats and conducts two paddling sessions a week and is getting ready for Mudgee’s first dragon boat regatta in November.

It was only this year that Kay decided to try her hand at paddling and seemed to really enjoy it. Like any new paddler, she struggled to get the technique correct at the beginning, yes I know non-paddlers think it is just putting a paddle in the water and that’s it – but there really is a technique to it and Kay was determined to get it right!  Each session, she improved and became more confident, until at one of her final sessions, she exclaimed “I think I’ve got it”  And yes, indeed she had!

Kay decided to extend her weekly paddling sessions from just the one Wednesday to the Sunday as well. I remember fondly her first and last Sunday paddling session, where she came off the boat beaming and relaxed and stated how good she felt!  We followed this session with morning tea at the Artisans where Kay ordered tea with an ice cube, which I had never heard of before!

Mudgee Dragon boat Club had the privilege of welcoming Kay to the Club this year and enjoyed spending time teaching her the fundamentals of paddling.  We are forever indebted to her for her vision of establishing a dragon boat club in our town.

During the short time that I personally knew her, she has left a lasting impression on me, as I know, she has, on so many other people in the community.

Thanks Kay!