Sue’s Coaching Tip #1

March 2, 2018

Holding the Paddle:
The bottom hand or the hand of the water side when sitting in the boat, grips the shaft a few inches from the bottom. The other hand or top hand, grips the paddle by curling the fingers over the top of the handle.
Basic Paddling Action:

Both arms should be outstretched and the shoulders and waist rotated so that maximum reach can be obtained as the paddle enters the water at the front or catch of the stroke.  The blade should be almost vertical when viewed from behind with the blade entering next to the boat and following a parallel path down the side of the boat.  The paddle is pulled through the water by rotating back through the waist and shoulders.  At the end of the stroke, the paddle exits the water as it moves back and to the side for an efficient and relaxed return through the air to the start of the stroke.

Next time, we will look at timing!