Western Region Regatta 3/11/2019

Held at Lake Windamere, Mudgee.

A terrific day of paddling and a big thanks to everyone who organised and participated.

Dunns Swamp Camp April 2019

Thanks to Colour City Orange for organising this camp.

Great to see paddlers from all over Western Region take part.

Fantastic paddling sessions.

2018 Christmas get together

A lovely lunch and secret Santa at the Lawson Park Hotel.

The camera was passed around for everyone to take photos and the camera never lies!

Look for Jill hiding behind a wineglass, Bob having his usual dessert and can you spot Angus putting his hand in his pocket……….

2018 Western Regatta at Bathurst

Our second boat arrives. 2.11.18

Windamere 20 km Challenge 6th October 2018

Huon Challenge 7th April 2018 Sue, Lyn, Bob, Jill, Julie

Dunns Swamp with Colour City Orange March 10th and 11th 2018

Chinese New Year at Darling Harbour 2018 sports day

Chinese New Year Corporate Day, Cancer Survivors Race

Lynnette's Paddle with Tauranga NZ

Orange Regatta 2017

Paddling at Windamere

Ord River Marathon 2016

Paddling at Lawson Park

Our Brand New Boat

Christmases Past

Previous Chinese New Year Regattas at Darling Harbour

Previous Western Regattas at Orange

Arrival of our first boat